Allstate's Retail Pricing Guidelines

As your agent, Automotive Assurance Group continually looks for ways to help you drive profitability in your F&I department and achieve longevity for your dealership. Recently, regulatory agencies have increased their focus on two issues that affect the retail auto industry: discriminatory pricing and value to the customer. While it is uncertain what future actions these regulatory agencies may take, we need to take a proactive approach to mitigate potential risk to your dealership.

That is why we are partnering with Allstate to inform, educate and protect you, your business and its reputation. Allstate has developed Retail Pricing Guidelines to help you evaluate your sales process. These guidelines focus on three aspects:


Regulatory agencies have been in place to protect consumers for decades, and with more than 80 years in the insurance industry, Allstate understands how these agencies operate. In today’s fast-paced market, it’s difficult to stay up to date with every new regulation. Allstate proactively monitors any legislation and regulatory activity to ensure that we are aware of these activities and the impact to our businesses.


Allstate provides us the tools and resources needed to better understand and manage our business. Allstate recognizes the difficulty of creating a compliant sales process that can provide tools to guide you through the tough decisions – including how to set and maintain competitive prices that highlight a product’s value to the customer.


In order to help your dealership reduce any potential legal risk, ADS has developed these Retail Pricing Guidelines. These guidelines can help drive longevity and profitability to your business.

We look forward to sharing more detail about this with you in the near future.  If you have any questions or concerns, AAG is always here to help.