Automotive Assurance Group Academy & Recruitment Division.

Automotive Assurance Group ACADEMY / Recruitment & Training

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In 2016 Automotive Assurance Group launched our Academy & Recruitment Division.

The purpose of which, is to provide F&I Staffing for automotive dealerships with qualified,

trained individuals looking to build careers in the automotive industry. Candidates go

through a stringent screening process, as well as an in-depth training and evaluation process

to ensure their capability and future success in the F&I department.

By controlling the training and development process of these new F&I professionals,

we ensure that an emphasis is placed on best practices in all areas including compliance,

selling and customer service, etc.

Talent acquisition is costly and time consuming. Let Automotive Assurance Group help you

grow your business by providing the talent you need.


Automotive Assurance Group recruits only highly skilled and qualified candidates eager

to grow and develop F&I careers. We look for the next generation of eager F&I executives,

individuals we can mold and train in best practices to deliver the results our dealers expect.

We select candidates that are looking to have long and successful F&I careers.

Automotive Assurance Group uses an industry leading candidate analysis system to evaluate

candidates and ensure that they are not only appropriate for the position but also likely thrive

and succeed in the position. Based on the scores and results of the scientific evaluations,

candidates then go through our interview process.


Candidates go through a rigorous and comprehensive training program covering every aspect

of the position for which they are being recruited. We cover the basics, best practices, ethics,

sales, closing, compliance, CFPB, menu systems and selling, dealership management systems

and much more. Candidates experience in-the-field training with AAG’s experienced staff, in

depth training and instruction at the AAG corporate offices in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida as

well as specialized training in conjunction with Allstate Dealer Services, at their Jacksonville,

Florida headquarters.