Enjoy your driving experience with Warranty Solutions Wear & Care Coverage

Warranty Solutions recently unveiled an exciting new addition to their line up of product offerings. Wear & Care Coverage is perfect for lease customers as well as those with short-term financing. The new plan offers coverage for the following:

Enjoy Your Driving Experience

Protect yourself from unexpected charges with Wear & Care Coverage.

Your battery, belts and hoses, front and rear brake pads, windshield wiper blades, wheel alignment, fuses, interior/exterior lighting components are covered.

There is a zero deductible and the coverage is redeemable at any time during the contract term.*

Mechanical breakdown

This Contract provides Mechanical Breakdown coverage for the repair or replacement of all factory installed mechanical and electrical operating parts on the Approved Vehicle unless specifically excluded in the General Contract Exclusion section. Coverage includes fluids and labor only when required as part of a covered repair. The following wear and use items are also covered for the frequency listed:*


One time replacement during the Contract Term.

Belts and hoses

Unlimited replacement during the Contract Term.

Front and rear brake pads

One time replacement during the Contract Term.

Fuses; interior/exterior lighting components

All factory-installed interior and exterior complete lighting assemblies including lenses for lighting; integral light/lens electrical harnesses or circuit boards; integral light/lens lamp adjustment motors; light/lens control modules and ballasts; all HID, LED, halogen bulbs and standard incandescent bulbs: Unlimited replacement during the Contract Term.

Wheel alignment

One time during the Contract Term.

Windshield wiper blades

One time replacement set during the Contract Term.

*See your contract for additional details regarding covered component.

D17CM215 (0817)

Vehicle Service Contracts issued by WS Aftermarket Services Corporation and administered by Warranty Solutions Management Corporation. In Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona and Alaska, issued and administered by Warranty Solutions Administrative Services, Inc. (Florida License #60079). In Louisiana, issued by AMT Warranty Corp. and administered by Warranty Solutions Management Corporation. Also issued by Heritage Mechanical Breakdown Corporation in Florida (Florida License #60072). All contracts insured by Heritage Indemnity Company (CA C of A #08549), P.O. Box 140057, Denver, CO 80214-0057.