Follow-up on your profits!

Automotive Assurance Group is proud to announce that we have a new Warranty Solutions enhancement that gives your dealership a second opportunity to sell your sales and service-drive customers a vehicle service contract. This new “Follow-up” tool is something we want to give you to help enhance your service contract sales.

As you may know there are a number of third party companies that are using various forms of data and aggressively calling and mailing your customers to get them to buy a service contract.  You have been missing this valuable income opportunity, and the contracts sold by these companies often create bad “CSI” on your service drive when claims are denied. Follow-up was created so that your dealership can capture and retain this business and the additional customer loyalty that goes with it.

To develop Follow-up, Warranty Solutions has partnered with APC who has 15 years of experience running service contract follow-up programs for dealerships including some of the nation’s largest dealer groups. APC powers Follow-up nationally for Warranty Solutions and APC has hundreds of dealers benefiting from these additional sales.

Here is a quick summary of how Follow-up works:

APC will pull portions of your sales and service data into a secure database, separate those customers who already purchased a service contract from you, as well as remove those vehicles that are ineligible due to age or mileage. Then they will market your target customers for you at strategically timed intervals, under your dealership’s name and logo, by delivering the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

We typically see approximately half of the interested customers will walk-in and buy directly from your finance department. You get to keep all of your normal F&I profit. (and management fees, retro & reinsurance income as applicable)

The other half of the interested customers will contact the Warranty Solutions Sales Center run by APC and buy over the phone from trained and licensed professionals. These sales fund all of the marketing costs of the program plus pay your dealership $200 per service contract sold (net of cancels).

In addition, whether the sales come from “call-in” or “walk-in” customers, you will benefit from the additional parts and service business generated from claims over the life of the contracts sold.

There is no cost to your dealership to add this additional feature. All of the set-up costs, postage, mail and operating costs are covered by APC.

Contact Automotive Assurance Group to get started on the Follow-up program today!