For commercial use only!

Did you know Vehicle Service Contracts and GAP Contracts have Commercial counterparts?  

It is very important that customers are sold the most appropriate contract for their intended use of the vehicle they are purchasing.  There is risk in selling the wrong policy as customer’s claims can potentially be denied if the use of their car doesn’t match the type of policy purchased.

We recommend clarifying the intended use for a vehicle with the client by asking specifically if the vehicle will be used for business, commercial or fleet purposes.  If it is primarily for business, commercial or fleet use then a Commercial Contract is required.  It’s important to note a vehicle being purchased/leased in a company’s name does not mean that a Commercial Contract is required.  Often times cars are purchased/leased by corporations but the vehicles will be for personal use.  In these instances, vehicles can be sold a standard policy.

Familiarizing yourself with the Commercial contract options that Automotive Assurance Group offers is an important way to ensure that you are capitalizing off of every opportunity.  There are a number of options for commercial, fleet and business use whether cars are purchased or leased.  AAG offers Commercial Vehicle Service Contracts and Commercial GAP Coverage through the industries most trusted providers like Warranty Solutions and Allstate Dealers Services.

Click here to download the Warranty Solutions Commercial/Fleet Coverage brochure