Menu Systems

Automotive Assurance Group is a tremendous believer in the many benefits of menu selling for our dealers.  AAG has consistently found that menu selling can lead to higher sales penetration, more gross profit per deal, and high customer satisfaction.  Menu selling has done wonders for dealers finance departments and AAG is making sure our dealers reap all the benefits.

In addition to increased penetration rates of F&I products, menu systems establish a consistent and uniform method of presentation to the end consumer.

Now you can have a uniform presentation and sales solution for your dealership, maximizing product sales and profits. With the average dealership offering more F&I products than ever, the opportunity for an inexperienced or experienced F & I person alike to make a costly error is higher than ever.  Menu systems keep the sales process uniform, professional, informative, focused and most importantly compliant so you don’t expose your dealership to unnecessary risk.

AAG works with the industry’s leading menu software companies to make sure our dealers stay cutting edge. We work with companies like: MenuSys, DealerTrack and MenuVantage to develop and design customized solutions for our dealers and their selection of product offerings.

Automotive Assurance Group’s full relationship dealers are provided and trained on one of the leading menu software programs compliments of AAG.  Contact us today!