Pre-Paid Maintenance, your new profit center

Prepaid Maintenance Programs are another great way Automotive Assurance Group is maximizing profit opportunities for our dealers.  With our fully customizable Advantage Plus Pre-Paid Maintenance programs, you get a full service private label program, fully administered for you. Best of all, the dealer retains the accumulated reserves from unused premiums, all conveniently tracked for you.

Prepaid maintenance programs promote and increase customer loyalty and retention rates.  Now you can compete with the ‘quick lubes’ and tire stores by offering a package of low cost repetitive service items that make coming to your dealership a regular habit for the customer.  In addition to the many benefits and services that are a part of the program, customers accumulate points in the Service Rewards Program from completing service in your dealership’s service department and can them redeem them for future services and discounts.  Customers receive monthly statements detailing their service activity, which acts as a great reminder to keep up with their vehicle’s service needs.

Our software automatically tracks premiums after the expiration of the contract and automatically calculates and generates the necessary data so you will be informed when the contract expires as well as the amount of the unused premium.  Our software also automatically tracks up-sell amounts by individual service advisors for all maintenance redemptions.  A well designed maintenance program affords the service department valuable up-sell opportunities and the software calculates and generates reports to determine if the dealership is taking advantage of up-sell potential.

The Pre-paid Maintenance Program also includes an email marketing component that can be completely customized by the dealer.  These email campaigns are sent as often as the dealer would like.  In addition, our follow-up emails can be programmed to automatically remind the customer when service is due.

Contact Automotive Assurance Group today to discuss how a Pre-Paid Maintenance Program can contribute to your dealership’s bottom line.